Qualitative Dissertation Proposal Outline

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Granted that at some point in the discussion you are going to have to link back to this previous research.

But you still have the opportunity to demonstrate how you have met that coveted gap in the research and generally made a useful contribution to knowledge.

Depending on your preference for writing, the findings and discussion sections can be the most rewarding sections of your total dissertation.

By this point, you actually get to write about what you have done, rather than what others have said about your subject area.

Build it in such a way that it sounds persuasively and at the same time carries some speculative direction.

You should tell the committee how you are planning to carry out the study if it is approached – and should think of the costs, schedule, facilities for research, involvement of assistants if necessary, etc.It is a vital component of the pre-proposal checklist of a researcher that has to be completed to determine whether there is generally any value and need to go on with the planned study.That checklist has acquired the name of PREP in the academic society, which is spelled in full as position, rationale, expectation, and priority.The dissertation proposal rationale chapter is a section explaining the logical reasons and principles you employed to arrive at a certain decision.It is also a synonym of “justification of the study.” In the most basic terms, the research rationale tells why your study is necessary.With the steps to compose a rationale brilliantly being one of the major unresolved issues (and even sleepless nights!) for many researchers in progress, we have compiled a list of first steps to make sure your rationale is good.In more detail, these elements concern the following research aspects: Hence, as it becomes clear from the PREP list, a rationale plays an instrumental role in the inception of any research project, and without a clear delineation of the research problems and needs, you will hardly be able to win the committee’s initial support.The latter is indeed vital for progression with a research project, since you are usually given the state or educational establishment’s funding for the project, and useless, irrelevant endeavors solving no urgent problems and addressing no pressing needs are not given any value.Most likely, your proposal will be turned down and you will simply waste your time for writing another one.So, why not do everything properly from the first time?


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