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The physics teacher lets us." Nice try, but no dice.It lingered like a purple bruise on his college applications. Cheat sheets aim to substitute for memorization, and I hate it when my students memorize things."What's the sine of π/2? Some things are worth memorizing--addresses, PINs, your parents' birthdays. It's a fact that matters only insofar as it connects to other ideas.

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Each place has its advantages, and you may try combining several sources of assistance.

For example, review class notes and speak to an online tutor.

But facts enter our heads through many paths--some well-paved, some treacherous. I define memorization as learning an isolated fact through deliberate effort. First, there's raw rehearsal: reciting a fact over and over. Second, there are mnemonics and other artificial tricks--songs, acronyms, silly rhymes.

When I had to memorize a speech for ninth-grade English, I huddled in the school library for 90 minutes, whispering the words to myself again and again, until they settled into my memory. In sixth grade, for reasons only heaven knows, I memorized 48 prepositions (about, above, across, after...) to the tune of "Yankee Doodle." I can still recite them.

Students know the teacher has too much to cover, so the test will address only the most recent unit--making it easier to memorize the relevant bits.

Quest Homework Answers Physics

And they know the teacher has too many tests to grade, so he'll be asking quick-to-correct factual and computational questions--exactly the type where memorization most pays off. It has become common practice to allow students a page of notes during tests.

They argue that memorization exercises the brain and even fuels deep insights.

They say our haste to purge old-school skills-driven teaching from our schools has stranded a generation of students upriver without a paddle.

If you are not good at theorems and their proofs, you may need support when doing linear optimization homework.

The good news is that support with solutions is available at many places including at your school and online.


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