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It’s possible to customise the experience of respondents by using routing, randomisation, code masking, piping answers into subsequent questions, and code exclusivity.

Additionally, many online survey software providers offer triggered alerts.

However, declining response rates over the past decade have increased the risk of selection bias in cross-sectional studies.

The growing use of the Internet offers new ways of collecting data, but trials using Web-based questionnaires have so far seen mixed results.

Some audiences might not have easy access to a computer or a reliable internet connection – therefore paper surveys are more suitable.

At events a paper survey can also be a better way of gathering immediate feedback.To assess which survey is most appropriate for your project you need to consider your target audience, your time and resources, and how complex the questionnaire needs to be.Snap Surveys software has the flexibility to create and distribute paper surveys, online surveys, or undertake a multi-mode research project and collate the data from paper and online responses ready for analysis.For a diverse population, a mixed mode survey that uses both paper surveys and online surveys can increase response rates.Learn more about how to increase survey response rates here.However, the decision to change can be a difficult one; some target populations may not be receptive to strictly online surveys.The debate between which is more effective: paper-based surveys or online surveys continues.With a reliable online survey software solution, creating online surveys is simple, and they can be distributed to your respondents via email or social media within minutes.Your audience can respond immediately, and the data is collated together automatically.Multi-page or complex paper surveys may require scanning to collect and organise the data.If you have the time and capabilities to undertake a paper survey, and it’s more suitable for your target audience then it could be a viable option.


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