Real Estate Business Plan Template Free Download

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If you aren’t actively buying more property, then your revenue and expenses should literally never change.

And in this example, you can see how I plan for absolutely no change throughout most of 2016 for this made-up company.

What could you say to that person in 30 seconds to make them want to sit down and hear more? Click on the image to see an example of a “pitch” (it’s just a fictitious company I made up for this example).

The business plan writing software that I use puts this all together for me and even hosts it on a unique webpage so I can email the pitch if I want.

Essentially, opportunities are created by problems which you will solve.

There may be a lack of low-income housing, or on the opposite side, a lack of luxury apartments.So, if the numbers in your plan are out of line, they will see it.If you’re lucky, they will assume it’s a simple mistake, let you amend the numbers and move on…Obviously, you don’t have to get that fancy – you could even put something together in Power Point if you want.Writing this pitch is going to help you start working on a few important details: This is how you will position yourself and be better than everybody else…and fully expect it to change over time.But then something happens – I plan to buy more property! Your banker, financier, or private lender will know real estate inside and out.They will know how much people spend on maintenance, collections, etc.There is nothing terribly exciting about the financial section of a business plan.There is even less excitement with real estate financials.Everything you need to make 2019 your BEST YEAR EVER!Download your FREE bundle today to get instant access to our comprehensive real estate agent business plan, weekly and daily “Million Dollar” checklists, Tom Ferry’s financial mastery strategy for real estate professionals and more!


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