Real Estate Dissertation Topics

Investment banking is a critical topic that entails billions of dollars transferred around the country each year.

Your investment banking dissertation should be prepared in a sensible topic that is understandable and easy to work along with.

Our aim is to provide you with a first class environment, conducive to the production of the highest quality research.

Some ideas for research topics of our interest are reported below.

Should you wish to discuss your proposal or have any questions, please feel free to contact a member of staff directly or alternatively you can email: [email protected] We have a strong and long standing interest in sustainability, and community involvement and the environment in its widest sense.

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As the overall economy is struggling to recover from a deep financial and economic crisis and governments face issues related to housing affordability, we intend to build on the strength and research interests of our existing staff.Visit our Real Estate Applications for September 2019 entry are now closed.Here at Henley we have a number of scholarships awarded for our Ph D research areas, Real Estate and Planning have 6 scholarships to award each year.You must understand the topic you plan on working with as it will entail a complicated and detailed field of work that is critical to the lives of many around the world.Whether you are looking to undertake a Ph D in a real estate or planning topic area, we provide an outstanding research environment, conducive to the production of world-class research and to the education of academics who will take up faculty positions in leading universities and key research roles in the public and private sectors.However, this list is not exhaustive of the broad spectrum of topics our members of staff are currently working on.Consequently, we suggest you to access individual academic staff web profiles to understand the willingness and suitability of our faculty to supervise in your intended area of research.Being the largest cluster of academics in Europe, we develop an interest in the valuation of buildings, developments and land real options.We also carry out high quality and objective research into core policy and practice issues facing the real estate industry and their occupiers.* International fees vary depending on the subject being studied: Band 1 subjects generally do not involve laboratory work, whereas Band 2 subjects generally involve significant laboratory study or workshop content.Contact the Admissions Office via [email protected] to find out more.


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