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Honestly, this class has made my life a lot easier because now, I’m not frantic when it comes to planning and getting things done.I don’t fret that I won’t make a specific deadline because I usually already have it done in the beginning of the week, so when the week is over, all I have to do is submit it.

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As a result of this, a good percentage of those after graduation have no clue what to do when they make their first mistake and are expected to fix it on their own.

When I first started in this class, I was fixated on the fact that I always made well in English throughout my life, so I didn’t change anything about my writing.

We were also provided with thorough instructions and if that wasn’t enough, they basically showed you how to do the task given.

If we even thought about making mistakes, they would fix them for us, ultimately making us too comfortable and avoiding the fact that we are supposed to make and fix our own mistakes.

However, I quickly figured out that the standards for this class, were much higher than what I was used to.

The first test was on Researching News Media, I received a sixty-eight as my grade.However, a “B” or “C” in college is considered pretty average, and if you get an “A”, you’re unbelievably on top of your work and definitely what you’re talking about.Obviously, don’t settle for average, go beyond that and exceed your own expectations of greatness.After that, I looked through different student examples that you provided and I also found some on my own.In high school, annotated bibliographies were always very challenging to me.From that moment on, I knew I had to be responsible and actually work for a better grade.I definitely learned from that failure, and now I’ve passed every following assignment in this class.You actually have to put in the effort and read, or there is no way you’re going to get an accurate representation of the article as a whole.It was very time consuming and it took me at least seven hours to write my annotated bibliography for our argumentative essay, but I received one of the highest grades in the class, so the pain was definitely worth it.In high school, we were always treated like children.Teachers extended deadlines, we received remind messages to study and there were no given responsibilities.


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