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View Now Entity-relationship (E-R) modeling is a tried and true notation for use in designing Structured Query Language (SQL) databases, but the new data structures that Not-Only SQL (NOSQL) DBMSs make possible can’t be represented in E-R notation.View Now This paper explores the differences between three situations that appear on the surface to be very similar: a data attribute that may occur zero or one times, a data attribute that is optional, and a data attribute whose value may be unknown.

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Unstructured data exists in a variety of formats: books, audio, video, or even a collection of documents.

In fact, some of this data may very well contain a measure of structure, such as chapters within a novel or the markup on a HTML Web page, but not a full data model typical of relational databases.

View Now The growth of No SQL data storage solutions have revolutionized the way enterprises are dealing with their data.

The older, relational platforms are still being utilized by most organizations, while the implementation of varying No SQL platforms including Key-Value, Wide Column, Document, Graph, and Hybrid data stores are increasing at faster rates than ever seen before.

View Now The competitive advantages realized from a dependable Business Intelligence and Analytics (BI/A) program are well documented.

Everything from reduced business costs and increased customer retention to better decision making and the ability to forecast opportunities have been observed outcomes in response to such programs.With the advent of big data and the proliferation of multiple information channels, organizations must store, discover, access, and share massive volumes of traditional and new data sources.View Now Are You Considering How AI May Help Your Information Management?View Now The amount of data that companies store and process has skyrocketed over the past few years.Data is becoming more and more complicated and dynamic, and handling it properly and efficiently can sometimes seem impossible. View Now The foundation of this report is a survey conducted by DATAVERSITY® that included a range of different question types and topics on the current state of Data Governance and Data Stewardship.At the same time, the complexities of the data landscape are making it more difficult to find, govern, connect to and access the data needed to deliver that value.View Now Database deployment projects are inevitably time constrained.The primary support for the report is an analysis of a 2013 DATAVERSITY survey on Data and Information Architecture.View Now In its most basic definition, unstructured data simply means any form of data that does not easily fit into a relational model or a set of database tables.Data is so fundamental, in fact, that our 2018 global data management benchmark report found that 95 percent of C-level executives believe that data is an essential part of forming their business strategy.View Now A core component of the internal control environment of an organization, Access Control is the process of determining and enforcing who can view specific data and, in some cases, how the data appears to users.


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