Research Paper Abortion

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People's attempts, however, to reconcile sexual intercourse and the wish for children may not take place in a vacuum.

The level of control by a women over the phenomenon whether she has sexual intercourse and over how and when many children she has is mostly impacted by her age, religious and cultural background, and economic and social position in the society.

Abortion is not a new issue in human society; studies showed that more than three hundred contemporary nonindustrial societies practiced abortion.

Abortions had been performed by women on themselves and also experienced abortion at the hands of different persons for thousands of years.

Abortion is considered as one of the most controversial, difficult, and painful subjects in the contemporary society.

The main controversy revolves around the issues of who executes the decision related to abortion, the state or the individual; under which conditions it could be done; and who is authorized of making the decision.Abortion, at the same time, has also become a political issue in some of the societies and a flash point for controversies or disagreements regarding role of women and individual sovereignty in the major decisions of life.Different social responses to abortion range from those of personal and women's immediate circle of friends and family to the community, organizational, and even national levels.The reproductive costs and consequences of sexual intercourse are often far more serious and more lasting for women compared with men.The physical expression related to sexuality is universal and fundamental.However, proponents of abortion including human and health rights champions argue that specific laws banning abortion seems to neglect the grave effects of unwanted pregnancies but show only disregard for women's capability for making independent and moral decisions.It is pertinent to mention that abortion has, in fact, existed in almost every society, however, intensely opposed by religions and governments.Concentrating on the issue of abortion and how serious is the problem along with presenting the strategies to encounter the problem the purpose is to construct an applied model inflicting a methodology that permits for penetration of secondary data related to the key aspects of abortion.The abortion issue was not an important predictor when offered to every predictive paradigm.Abortions continue to take place today in developing areas under supervision of medical experts and medically primitive conditions.Modern technology as well as social change, however, has made abortion a part of modern healthcare system.


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