Research Paper Benefits Of Space Exploration

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By the end of the Mariner missions in 1972, Mariner 9 spent almost a year in the Martian orbit (687 days), collected images of nearly 100% of the surface of the moon, and observed notable discoveries including the humongous Olympus Mons volcano, more than 4000 km of Valles Marineris, and dust storms lasting over a month.

Further missions since 1972, like the Viking project, Mars observer, Mars pathfinder, Mars climate orbiter, Deep Space 2, Mars Global surveyor, and Phoenix, have obtained understandings of the climate, flood plains, and rock samples on mars.

Even if you think you are too old for that you can help out by joining stuff like Zooniverse projects which give out data from satellites for analysis.

has links to many community science projects where you can help out the overwhelmed scientists to analyze data.

The range and diversity of human culture is markedly large.

International collaboration in the space age brought together different cultures and as a result, the exchange and advancement of human culture.

Views like this allow the realization of the size and scope of the larger universal understanding of the types and variances of galaxies out in space.

The Hubble Space Telescope has cost about billion in the last 30 years including the cost of five shuttle servicing missions, the information received by the astronomers monitoring the Hubble provides a better understanding that would not be possible on from earth telescopes.

In over fifty years of space travel, the diversity of those working in space and in the field as a whole has dramatically increased from the beginnings of space exploration.

This progression in diversity brought more cultures into close quarters and resulted in the enrichment of human culture globally.


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