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This paper would have been even better if the student had added a sentence or two about the results of the study.That way, after reading the first paragraph, the reader would know the purpose, hypotheses, and findings.

This paper would have been even better if the student had added a sentence or two about the results of the study.

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One thing that was not discussed in this paper is the literature review. The second hypothesis was that differences on the RLSS would occur among coaching levels: junior high, high school, and college.With regard to coaching level, 25 (0.15) were junior high coaches, 99 (0.61) high school, and 38 (0.24) at the college level.While this is a good sample size, the problem lies with the distribution of the sample.However, due to the nonrandom nature of the sample, the results would not generalizable beyond the 162 participants in the study. In order to reduce threats to internal validity, the participants were asked to respond honestly and confidentiality was stressed so that the coaches might feel more at ease in responding. The researchers mention that the scales were given in a variety of settings.This could present a threat to the internal validity in that participants might not have been entirely focused on completing the scale, but instead on coordinating practice, completing paperwork, etc.Junior high coaches also demonstrated a lesser degree of social support than either the high school or college coaches.A MANOVA was again used to analyze the data for any interaction between gender and coaching level with regard to overall leadership behavior.The analysis showed there were no significant differences between male and female coaches in overall leadership behaviors.When the six leadership styles were examined separately, there was a significant difference in social support between males and females.There are a number of other factors that could effect the internal validity of the study, yet were not addressed by the researchers.Coaching experience would greatly effect the responses of the participants, yet this was not considered in the study.


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