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Let’s go to the dogs.” and have had many previously.

I can honestly say they can understand a large amount of my discussions with them. and Think: The Only 20th Century Manual for Educating All Dogs by Eisenman). I believe his book is out of print, but someone should re-publish. I was going to teach language to a dog for my dissertation, but realized it would take two years to teach the 500 words and concepts. No longer–much research is showing their language ability.

found that dogs’ faces are structured for complex expression in a way that wolves’ aren’t, thanks to a special pair of muscles framing their eyes.

These muscles are responsible for that “adopt me” look that dogs can pull by raising their inner eyebrows.

As research methods improve and collaborative partnerships develop, the field stands to gain deeper insight into the mechanisms and processes that underlie dogs’ behavior.

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These insights may, in turn, elucidate important aspects of human behavior.

The special issue offers an overview of the literature, highlighting the kinds of questions scientists have been trying to answer in an effort to understand the mental and social capacities of dogs, he adds.

The collection of articles underscores the unique relationship that dogs have with humans.

When raised around people, they begin fighting for our attention when they’re as young as four weeks old.

It’s hard for most people to resist a petulant flash of puppy-dog eyes—and according to a new study, that pull on the heartstrings might be exactly why dogs can give us those looks at all.


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