Research Paper On Domestic Violence

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Similarly, adult victimization perpetrated by other than the intimate partner influences multiple IPV episodes.

Moreover, this phenomenon is more frequent among younger women and those with lower income satisfaction.

Furthermore, the role of the parental communication was highlighted (Rios-González et al.) In that mothers encourage daughters to engage in relationship with ethical men, while removing from their representation attractive features and enhancing the double standard of viewing ethical man as unattractive vs. Fathers' communication directed toward young boys supports the dominant traditional masculinity, objectifying girls and emphasizing chauvinist values.

These communicative dynamics impact males' behavior and females' choice of the partner while increasing the attraction toward violent men, and thus influencing the risk to be involved in IPV episodes.

Domestic violence is a common topic in research papers for psychology classes.

While writing a domestic violence research paper can be difficult, knowing a few important facts about the issue can help make your paper more interesting to those who read it and make it an easy assignment for you to write.However, social support was identified as main protective factor.Also help-seeking behaviors and local/national services had a positively impact the phenomenon.Moreover, if you can’t make up an interesting topic for your paper, our experts have completed a list of on-point topic ideas that could come in handy to you. In a document dated June 16th 2017, the United States Department of Justice stated that Domestic Violence (DV) has a significant impact not only on those abused, but also on family members, friends, and on the people within the social networks of both the abuser and the victim.Regarding reasons of feminicide, passion motives assume the main role, followed by family problems, antisocial reasons, predatory crimes that comprise sexual component, impulsivity and mental disorders.The risk of overkilling episodes is higher when the perpetrator is known by the victim and when the murder is committed for passion reasons (Zara and Gino).Length of relationship and greater psychological consequences to previous IPV are positively associated with multiple IPV episodes, while previous physical abuse is negatively related with subsequent victimization.The risk of multiple IPV episodes is reduced in countries with greater human development, suggesting the role of structural factors.The second section includes papers focused on IPV/DV in particular contexts (one research paper, two reviews).Within separated couples, where conflicts are common, both men and women experience psychological aggression.


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