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Hughes also equates his vision to the angle at which the sun shines above the muddy water, which has the power to turn mud into gold (Rampersad qtd. As Owuchekwa Jemie puts it, Hughes accounts in this poem go back to a period before human existence.The rivers can be traced back to the time of creation, and with that is part of God’s eternity since they are everything from deep, mysterious and even continuous.His mother worked as a school teacher and his father, James Nathaniel Hughes was a storekeeper.

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“The Negro Speaks of Rivers” is a poem, which has attracted both critics and fans alike.

Its allusions of dusky rivers, the setting sun, sleep, and the soul provides with both the idea of death and immortality.

Life is not going to be easy not matter what side of tracks you come from, it is the knowledge and guidance that our mothers leave us with is what pushes us towards our goals.

Work Cited Davis, Alex and Lee......Poetry and Prose of Langston Hughes Like many prominent African-American writers of the 20th century, Langston Hughes also brought out the theme of racial discrimination and oppression through his poetry as well as prose.

He tirelessly worked to bring the idea of African-American beauty into reality as in one of his poems, My People: The Night is Beautiful, So the faces of my people. Langston Hughes and his contemporaries tried, in their literary works, to describe the real life of their people, who belonged to the lower economic classes, and with miserable life.

They strongly opposed discrimination against Blacks by Whites, based on skin color.In addition, since the blacks have seen civilizations come and go, they will certainly emerge victorious at the end.According to Jean Wagner, the Black’s long history endows them with a rare form of wisdom; wisdom better than that of the great civilizations in man’ (“Poetry Research Paper on Langston Hughes Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words”, n.d.) Retrieved from, the substance of this prose will focus on Hughes’ poetic feats, which were known to be inspired by his own life experiences.Just like the river, the black man’s soul becomes deep with time.The waters in these rivers also flow incessantly, a declaration that the human soul will endure all the difficulties.Hughes has named them in chronological pattern, similar to that of the Black man’s history.Their waters have given the black man an immortal life. Hughes also captures Abraham Lincoln’s freeing of black slaves in the writer’s unprecedented turning of the muddy Mississippi into gold.Hence in order to gain an analytical and evaluative insight into his poetry, it is first important to gain an insight into the life of the poet, who has earned tremendous accolade for his work.(Rampersad & Mc Laren, 2002) Langston Hughes was born James Mercer Langston Hughes in Joplin, Missouri and had a very multiracial background as both his parents were of mixed race.These were people who were not ashamed of being black during a time when being black was considered a curse.Hughes emphasized the idea of “black is beautiful” and therefore took it upon his life to explore this beauty largely (Leach 5).


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