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Research Paper On Ocd Social Work Case Study

On the other hand, early onset in males, symmetry or exactness-related symptoms, symptoms of hopelessness, delusions or hallucinations, a family history of OCD, and the presence of tics suggest a poor prognosis.Individuals who did not recognize the irrationality of their thoughts were considered either psychotic or “overvalued” in their ideas about the obsessions.Recent research demonstrates that patients vary on this characteristic from complete awareness to complete lack of awareness of the rationality of the symptoms, with most having at least some insight. Often, patients report more than one type of obsession and ritual, and sometimes the content of the obsession or compulsion changes (e.g., cleaning to checking). The content of obsessions and compulsions vary considerably from patient to patient, sharing only the disturbing nature of the intrusions and the ritualistic efforts to neutralize the obsessions.Patients typically wait 7 to 8 years after the onset of symptoms before seeking treatment.While 40% of those with OCD can identify no clear precipitant, some research suggests that changes in life roles and demands (i.e., pregnancy, childbirth, etc.) may be precipitants. The content of clinical obsessive intrusions differs little from ordinary intrusive thoughts experienced by most people, but the former provoke much more anxiety and are more difficult to dismiss. The symptoms of OCD are relatively common in the general population, but are not usually severe enough or do not interfere enough to meet diagnostic criteria.There is some indication that the expression of OCD symptomatology is at least partially influenced by cultural factors.Similarities exist between OCD rituals and religious or cultural rituals, and certain religious practices are associated with OCD symptomatology.


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