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Research Papers On Animal Testing-21
In the end though the animals are still killed in order for the scientists to observe the animals’ internal damages.

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Humans and animals have many characteristics in common.

Like humans they have similar skin and organ systems and can tend to react and project the same reaction a human would.

Hundreds of thousands of animals are experimented on each year in order to figure out the results and dangers of products such as cosmetics, other personal care items, and cleaning supplies (Peta).

Experiments and research are also done in order to obtain knowledge and attempt to advance in science.

Animal testing can even be dated back to the ancient times of the Greeks and Romans.

Physicians would dissect animals with the pure interest to obtain knowledge.

The animals that are generally used in research are mice, rats, rabbits, guinea pigs, primates, dogs, cats, cows, fish, and birds.

Over one hundred million animals are experiment subjects annually ().

But even then, one such physician stated that he would rather use a pig as his subject because he wanted to, “ avoid seeing the unpleasant expression of an ape” (Monamy 9).

The ethics of animal testing has always been questioned.


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