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Statement from the board of the International Society for Autism Research: “As an.

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A comparison of electronic to traditional pen-and-paper data collection in discrete trial training for.

Throughout this paper, the reader should have developed an understanding of.

This is not an easy task to talk about someone's disability and to bring out.

This research paper outlines the main aspects of the DHSSPS.

Music therapy for people with autism spectrum disorder Rhythmic auditory stimulation in rehabilitation of movement disorders: a review of current research Hyperlexia in children with autism spectrum disorders Teaching non-verbal children with autistic disorder to read and write: a pilot study A systematic review of early intensive intervention for autism spectrum disorders Publication bias in studies of an applied behavior-analytic intervention: an initial analysis Perceptual learning in autism: over-specificity and possible remedies The intense world theory - a unifying theory of the neurobiology of autism Adult Siblings of People with Autism plus Learning Disability– their experiences, perspectives and future support needs Comparison of Siblings of Individuals with Autism and Siblings of Individuals with Other Diagnoses The adjustment of non-disabled siblings of children with autism Siblings of individuals with an autism spectrum disorder: sibling relationships and well being in adolescence and adulthood Psychosocial adjustment in siblings of children with autism Fatigue, wellbeing and parental self-efficacy in mothers of children with an autism spectrum disorder Maternal Mental Health After a Child’s Diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder Diagnostic practice and its impacts on parental health and child behaviour problems in autism spectrum disorders Impact of Diagnostic Practices on the Self-Reported Health of Mothers of Recently Diagnosed Children with ASD Death concerns and psychological well-being in mothers of children with autism spectrum disorder The impact of autism services on mothers' psychological well being Parent Beliefs About the Causes of Learning and Developmental Problems Among Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder: Results From a National Survey Clinical neurofeedback: case studies, proposed mechanism, and implications for pediatric neurology practice Neuromodulation integrating r TMS and neurofeedback for the treatment of autism spectrum disorder: An exploratory study A review of neurofeedback treatment for pediatric ADHD Neurofeedback of Slow Cortical Potentials in Children with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder: A Multicenter Randomized Trial Controlling for Unspecific Effects Meta-analysis of EEG biofeedback in treating epilepsy Neurofeedback in ADHD and insomnia: vigilance stabilization through sleep spindles and circadian networks Transcutaneous Vagus Nerve Stimulation: A Promising Method for Treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorders Autistic spectrum disorder, epilepsy, and vagus nerve stimulation Non-invasive vagus nerve stimulation in healthy humans reduces sympathetic nerve activity Safety of noninvasive brain stimulation in children and adolescents r TMS neuromodulation improves electrocortical functional measures of information processing and behavioral responses in autism Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) therapy for autism: an international consensus conference held in conjunction with the international meeting for autism research Effects of weekly low-frequency r TMS on autonomic measures in children with autism spectrum disorder Use of transcranial magnetic stimulation in autism spectrum disorders Editorial: The safety and efficacy of noninvasive brain stimulation in development and neurodevelopmental disorders Autistic disturbances of affective contact Behavioral treatment and normal educational and intellectual functioning in young autistic children Differences in Neural Activity when Processing Emotional Arousal and Valence in Autism Spectrum Disorders Mitochondrial dysfunction as a neurobiological subtype of autism spectrum disorder: evidence from brain imaging Teaching non-verbal children with autistic disorder to read and write: a pilot study Imaging evidence for disturbances in multiple learning and memory systems in persons with autism spectrum disorders Using the circumplex model of affect to study valence and arousal ratings of emotional faces by children and adults with autism spectrum disorders Cognitive ability changes and dynamics of cortical thickness development in healthy children and adolescents Merritt's Neurology 10th Edition (June 2000) Presyrinx in children with Chiari malformations Neuroimaging Features in a Neonate With Rhizomelic Chondrodysplasia Punctata Genotype-phenotype correlations in tuberous sclerosis: who and how to treat Genotype–phenotype correlations in tuberous sclerosis: Who and how to treat Anorexia Nervosa in a Child with Tuberous Sclerosis Complex Infantile spasms and intellectual outcomes in children with tuberous sclerosis complex Prognostic Significance of Tuber Count and Location in Tuberous Sclerosis Complex Subependymal giant cell tumors in tuberous sclerosis complex * These research papers are intended to be used solely for informational and educational purposes only and that neither Cortica nor its healthcare providers necessarily endorse the findings or conclusions of this research.

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