Research Papers On Employee Engagement

The paper’s objective is to summarize prior studies based on their ordering and categorization, identify gaps in the current knowledge, and propose an agenda for future research.The article presents these findings in a synthetic manner, offering practical and academic implications arising therefrom.

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(2017), "Research and recommendations for employee engagement: revisiting the employee-organization linkage", Development and Learning in Organizations, Vol. Download as .

Because they care more, they are more productive, give better service, and even stay in their jobs longer. Below are 29 research studies that show a correlation between engagement and: , teaches managers how to turn apathetic groups into emotionally committed teams.

All of that leads to happier customers, who buy more and refer more often, which drives sales and profits higher, finally resulting in an increase in stock price. Want to generate passion, commitment and loyalty among all of your direct reports?

Results of the review indicate that, in the case of most peer-reviewed publications, a statistically significant relation between employee engagement and numerous categories and subcategories of performance was confirmed.

Employees, regardless of the nature of business, are one of the key resources of a company.

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The purpose of this paper seeks to find out the Effect of Employee Engagement on Job Satisfaction in IT Sector.

Therefore, it becomes important to understand the concept of work engagement, its meaning for employees, and implications for employers.

The article is a systematic review of the body of literature, presenting the results of research on the association between employee engagement and various performance categories.


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