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Where no interfaces or overlaps exist, Key benefits: By drawing on important research and case study material from contributors all over the world, the journal offers genuinely international perspectives on the key issues and concerns preoccupying marketers.

And even if it is, we must be careful at the time of generalizing conclusions from a specific study to other applications (i.e., not expect the same results).

In this way, consulting a scientific neuromarketing paper or neuroscientific study helps us establish the state of the art of the discipline, and guides us at the time of carrying out any studies.

Nevertheless, this information has become insufficient, as many times the consumers do not desire or cannot express what they feel and think.

Neuromarketing was born as a tool to help us, through the use of techniques such as EEG and eye-trackers, help the physiological reactions that are directly connected to different emotional, cognitive and behavioral processes.

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Neuromarketing has sparked great interest from brands and researchers, and also from everybody interested in marketing and consumer behavior.


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