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For every pixel of a block, least significant bit (LSB) substitution is applied on two LSBs and quotient value differencing (QVD) is applied on the remaining six bits.Thus, there are two levels of embedding: (i) LSB substitution at lower bit planes and (ii) QVD at higher bit planes.

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But her closest friends knew that this song appears in the movie when the characters are about to be killed.

They reached out to her immediately to see how she was really feeling.

Children love employing codes and adults generally pretend as though they can’t understand pig Latin or uncover the messages that children hide using invisible ink pens purchased from toy stores.

Yet, as children grow up, they get more mature about their messaging, realizing that language has multiple layers and, with it, multiple meanings. What fascinates me is that teens are taking these strategies into the digital spaces, recognizing multiple audiences and the challenges of persistence, and working to speak in layers. And things that are meant to mean one thing are often misinterpreted in all sorts of the wrong ways.

In order to avoid a freak out, Carmen will avoid posting things that have a high likelihood of mother misinterpretation.

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This can make communication tricky at times and Carmen must work to write in ways that are interpreted differently by different people.

That’s just lame.” Still, she knows that her mom means well and she sometimes uses this pattern to her advantage.

While Carmen welcomes her mother’s presence, she also knows her mother overreacts.

Of course, Carmen’s mom doesn’t always understand the social protocols on Facebook and Carmen sometimes gets frustrated.

She hates that her mom comments on nearly every post, because it “scares everyone away…Everyone kind of disappears after the mom post…It’s just uncool having your mom all over your wall.


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