Research Process And Terminology Paper

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Research produces hard facts that could support your arguments and beliefs.

Research often throws up other facts which you may not have been aware of that helps to strengthen, or even change, your arguments and beliefs.

Development research is focussed on relevant, useful and important questions.

If there are no questions, there can be no research.

Often people are convinced that a programme or project justifies high amounts of money being spent.

Research can confirm if this is correct or suggest other ways for the money to be spent.These facts make it easier to plan programmes and ensure that interventions are effective.Research may provide key information that will enable you to develop clear strategies.As discussed previously, research is a systematic and organised process.It is about collecting information that answers a question.There maybe an existing body of evidence (prior research, studies etc) you can make use of. For example, the Department of Health in planning a HIV and AIDS prevention programme may have to ask some of the following questions before agreeing on and rolling out the programme.The Department of Health may have an existing body of evidence that assists in finding the answers to some of these questions whilst others may require research.The information that is collected through these methods is either quantitative or qualitative in nature.Quantitative research depends on numbers and statistical procedures.Questions that could be researched are: Research can play an important role in winning support for a programme or cause (sometimes called advocacy.) It helps make a case through strengthening arguments, providing information, and outlining cost benefits.Often people have firm beliefs about particular issues, but when they have to argue their case they lack reliable information to back up their beliefs.


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