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Then, when you begin to prepare your memo, ask yourself: Why am I writing this?Who will read it, and what will interest them the most?The goal of a memo is to convey essential information quickly, so you should not distract your audience even if you are only trying to be friendly.

Then, when you begin to prepare your memo, ask yourself: Why am I writing this?Who will read it, and what will interest them the most?

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For example, if you are writing a memo to propose a new project to your supervisor, you must explain why the project is necessary and worthwhile.

If you are updating your reader on the status of a project, you may need to focus on how much the project has cost so far and when you think it will be completed.

It can also provide a quick, concise way for scientists to brief each other or their supervisors about the status of a project.

As with e-mail, carefully consider who will be reading your message and what you hope to convey before you prepare your memo.

In this sample, Stefan Kovic has written a progress report to Kitty Jones to update her on his Ph. The same basic rules also apply to progress reports — which are a specialized type of memo.

Managers usually review written progress reports quickly, so emphasize key ideas and important issues at the top of any paragraphs or bulleted lists.Like e-mail messages, memos are common in many workplaces.A memo may serve as an informal proposal to pitch a new idea to a supervisor or manager.Memos are less formal than scientific papers or lengthy technical reports, but they should still show a respectful and professional tone.Unlike e-mail messages, memos should remain formal even if you know your audience well.If you mention colleagues in a memo, send them a copy of the memo and list their names next to "cc:", just as you would include them in the "cc:" line of an e-mail.In addition, if you need to include another document (such as a preliminary budget or a detailed timeline) as an attachment, note this in the memo and include the title of that document. Notice how the format used here is similar to an e-mail, but also be aware of key differences in format (such as the lack of a greeting or a closing).The target audience of a memo is a decision maker, for whom you are going to collect all necessary pieces of information and put them into one puzzle.Take into account that the decision maker doesn't know about the issue at all or he/she knows little about the problem.Finally, outline in specific terms the overall status of the project so readers can see at a glance where you are and what you have left to do.The body of your progress report should open by noting the current status of the project.


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