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It does not show a complete study design for this project.It illustrates the advantages of mapping out goals, sources and theories as a means of planning your study design.It will also help you to foresee problems that you may encounter during your candidature and prompt you to think about how you will manage them when they arise.

Highlight your most significant points and think about how and where you should present these in your review.

It is important that you explain the design of your project in a clear and logical way.

The following questions will help you to formulate your study/project design.

You might find it useful to organise your responses into a table, mind-map, or flow-chart (see example below).

The timeline is not a static document; you will need to update it regularly.

Example of a timeline Conclude your research proposal by stating your expected outcomes.There are three main considerations when writing a literature review for a research proposal: A useful way to generate ideas for your literature review is to brainstorm the key scholars, texts, arguments, sources and methods that are related to your research topic. Your answers might take the form of brief dot points or you might prefer to write more extensive responses.Extensive responses are often a useful way of thinking through a question or issue that you find challenging: You will have now generated some ideas and can begin to plan the content and structure of your literature review.We will begin by looking at the broad purpose and requirements of proposals.We will then break down the research proposal into its core components and examine them individually The purpose of a research proposal can be summarised as follows: Even if the completion of a research proposal is not a requirement of your candidature, it is a good idea to write one.This tutorial is designed for graduate students who are required to submit a research proposal as a condition of their candidature or who wish to write one for their own purposes.The purpose of this tutorial is to help you develop an approach for writing a clear and focused research proposal.The proposal displays your ability to express yourself in precise and concise language.The literature review surveys key academic works in your field of research, such as books, refereed journal articles, and postgraduate theses.The timeline demonstrates to the reader that your project can be completed within the period of candidature.The timeline should consist of a series of goals that you will need to meet in order to complete all aspects of your thesis, from initial research to the final editing, with an expected date of completion for each step.


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