Resistance Of A Wire Coursework Graph

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Repeat taking measurements until you have resistance data for each of your lengths of wire.

Model the data using a linear fit to determine the relationship between resistance and length of the wire. Area The next step would be to investigate the relationship between resistance and cross sectional area.

Set up Logger range of the Instrumentation Amplifier.

(Note: The Instrumentation Amplifier does not auto ID. (Note: Zeroing a voltage sensor requires the leads to be shorted together.

The greater the diameter of the cylinder, the more current it can carry (again similar to the flow of fluid through a pipe).

In fact, is inversely proportional to the cylinder’s cross-sectional area .

Rick is one of the co-authors of our physics lab books, .

Rick recommended Alan use the Vernier Instrumentation Amplifier to measure the voltage drop across short lengths of wire.

Solution The cross-sectional area, found by rearranging the expression for the resistance of a cylinder given in , is The resistivity of all materials depends on temperature.

Some even become superconductors (zero resistivity) at very low temperatures.


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