Respect For Animals Essay

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And some the people are killing them for meat, fins, leaving them to bleed to death.I am 15 and I am on my way towards being a vegetarian.

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From a Christian perspective, all Creation belongs to God.

Mistreating any part of Creation shows disrespect for God.

Despite documentation of vicious training practices, people still flock to see animals perform in circuses.

We can and should enjoy our lives and the bounty that God offers.

By analogy, the growing ecological crisis, increasing human poverty and the associated rising threats of terrorist violence, and the possibility of global ecological collapse all relate to humans putting desires of the flesh before our obligations to serve God. said that injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.

Any society that countenances animal abuse has set as moral standard that it is acceptable to abandon moral principles when convenient.

A striking example of their intelligence and nobility is the fact that pets are often specially trained to help their blind or deaf owners.

In contrast, there are those who claim that, because animals are less evolved than humans, they do not possess the same awareness of the world and represent potential enemies.

The purpose of this paper is to answer the question: should non-human animals have rights?

I firmly believe that non-human animals should be given rights, rights such as the right to freedom, the right to be treated with respect and care, and the right to not be exploited.


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