Response To Literature Essay 4th Grade

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You might post a list of transition words and phrases to help students with structure, such as: “One reason this idea is important is that..”, and “Another reason…” Imagine yourself as a sports coach, spurring your writers on with helpful tips on structure, timing, and craft.For years, I taught the unit Literary Essays: Writing about Reading in Lucy Calkins’s previous Writing Units of Study, co-written with Medea Mcevoy (2006).The work that my students produced was typically solid and thoughtful.My response is always that students need rehearsal and need concrete, specific models in order to write well.Also, there tends to be huge variation in the work that students produce.The prerequisite to writing a strong literary essay is to read the text one will write about carefully and thoughtfully.The best literary essays are the ones built upon strong interpretations.But it is in this leap that true interpretation begins to take place, and the groundwork for lovely big ideas or thesis statements is laid.For example, if a character is feeling picked on or ostracized because he is different from his peers, an issue that students may recognize as starting to emerge could be “people often don’t accept differences in others, but they should.” Or, “people are often afraid to be true to themselves because they don’t want to be made fun of.” Feel free to interject some of your own suggestions as models, particularly if students are struggling.The short texts could be short stories, picture books, or even excerpts from larger books.Organize students into clusters of 3-4, and, during a Read Aloud, stop at various points to coach them through asking and answering some of the below questions in these small groups to lead them toward growing big ideas about the text.


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