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Therefore, the present study aimed to extend an understanding of the competitive advantages of domestic Vietnamese small-sized apparel retail firms and examine their growth potential in Vietnam's apparel retail marketplace. Small Business Administration statistics indicate that 20% of small businesses fail within the first 2 years and 50% fail within 5 years.The purpose of this case study was to explore the success factors and strategies of 12 small business owners of independent financial planning firms who achieved profitability beyond 5 years.In addition to outlining the major reasons for exploring ...

JIBED wishes to provide a global platform to overcome cultural, national, ethnic, religious, economic and political boundaries and to meet the needs of accelerated economic and social change occurring in a variety of countries participating in the global economy.

JIBED provides a vehicle to help professionals, academics, scholars, policy makers, entrepreneurs, consultants, and international civil servants working in the field of international business and international entrepreneurship to disseminate information and to learn from each other's work.

The research conducted under this thesis addresses this gap.

Drawing upon a thorough literature review regarding the components, antecedents and performance outcomes of the entrepreneurial competency, we propose the following hypothesis: the entrepreneurs generally possess higher level of entrepreneurial competencies than the non-entrepreneurs, and the entrepreneurs ...

Researchers have studied entrepreneurship for decades. In recent years, significant relationship between entrepreneurial competencies and firm performance has been reported in empirical studies.

Applying the competency approach, researchers have assumed that entrepreneurial competency differentiates entrepreneurs from non-entrepreneurs without empirically examining if this is the case.JIBED addresses the advancement of contemporary research in areas of international business and entrepreneurship.It covers the practice and theory of international business, international entrepreneurship and international franchising, highlighting developing countries attempting to assert themselves on the global stage.Although researchers adopting this focus have rightly criticized much of the existing empirical research on the role of human motivation in entrepreneurship, we believe that the development of entrepreneurship theory requires consideration of the motivations of people making entrepreneurial decisions.To provide a road map for researchers interested in this area, we discuss the major motivations that prior researchers have suggested should influence the entrepreneurial process, as well as suggest some motivations that are less commonly studied in this area.A gap exists in the literature concerning such business owners, and their experiences provide valuable information to others desiring to start or maintain a financial planning business.The conceptual framework was entrepreneurship theory and Porter's 5 forces model of competitive strategy. Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to create a business plan for the Sun Shine Café.One way to minimize this risk is to create a business plan.Thus the main objective of this paper is to create a business plan that will not only help the restaurant develop and ...The case study documents the path taken by Horse Feathers Gifts’ owners, showing exactly how the entrepreneurship reached the successful position that it currently holds.Based on the case studies available and a review of the literature, it is apparent that no other case studies like this one exist.


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