Revolutionary War Essay

Revolutionary War Essay-16
Being that many of the British soldiers families or friends were in the colonies.Another reason why I agree to the above statement is the fact that the royal navy was weak due to Budget cuts.An example of this is the book Common Sense by Thomas Paine.

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If Great Britain had really wanted to win the Revolutionary War they would have signed the Olive Branch Petition, that the colonist sent saying that they wanted peace and that they wanted to stay in the empire.

Instead the War started and in order to help themselves, Great Britain promised that every slave that fought on the side of the loyalist and if they won after the war they would be granted their freedom.

For example we can see their unification with the Continental Congress and the Declaration of Independence where they agreed upon an action which was benefiting for the country.

The use of propaganda was another way to create unity for the American cause.

Americans were fighting on their own land versus the British who had come from overseas.

This essay will show how these reason’s led to the American’s winning the war.The aid was not only an economic support but also emotional.Besides non-military reason’s another factor that helped the American’s win the war because they were fighting on their homeland.This means that Britain wasn’t as united in their cause as the colonists were.In 1783 the Treaty of Paris was signed by both sides, Britain had lost and the colonist had gained their freedom.The French sent gold, powder, shot, equipment, a fleet and troops.Spain, Netherlands and Prussia also helped the Americans.But then again the Americans didn’t do a lot to try and win the war because they had a weak government.The colonist wanted a weak central government and strong state governments, this made it hard to unite if different states had different laws about certain things.Great Britain should not have made any budget cuts to their army because it helped the French and the colonies to beat them in battles such as the: battle of Bon Homme vs. But then again the Americans did a lot to try and win the war also.For one they wrote the Declaration of Independence in order to try and unite the colonies; and the Common Sense in order to explain why a colonist should become a Patriot.


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