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It’s also worthy of note that the uploading of this video predates an authorized upload by some two years.

It’s also worthy of note that the uploading of this video predates an authorized upload by some two years.

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You may have thought rickrolling had jumped the shark, but no. It is worth noting that Gudiseva isn't the first student to pull the essay prank.

In 2010, using a never ending stream of Astley lyrics in a computer essay, a student pulled a similar stunt.

Not getting why his friends were emailing him links purported to be to other things, but taking him to his hit song’s music video, he would later reveal in an interview that his teenage daughter let him in on the prank that was sweeping the internet.

Which brings us to what the notoriously reclusive Astley thinks of his most popular song being, to put it bluntly, the punchline to a bad joke.

After all, this once again thrust him in the spotlight he so rapidly exited in his late 20s when he got sick of the life of a popstar and decided he’d rather devote himself to other things, most notably raising his new daughter, Emilie, rather than being absent from her life for large stretches of time while on the road.

To begin with, Astley states he thinks the whole thing is rather amusing and, to quote the man himself, I don’t see it as negative.

Suddenly, Astley’s music video appeared on the screen, accompanied by surround sound. Some students have found a way to rickroll their professors through their essays, as the following examples show.

It was funny since almost all the people were just staring at the screen with gobsmacked and bemused expressions. In 2010, Reddit user Maniac182, a computer science student, spent five hours to format his computer science essay in such a way that every word at the beginning of each line forms an acrostic the lyrics of “Never Gonna Give You Up”.

You're going to have to keep in mind that Guyism, the site with that story, is NSFW (not safe for work).

To check out that story without the risk of an angry boss, click here.


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