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Samuel Clarke and Leonhard Euler, is, much more today than during Riemann’s time, whether physics is a branch of mathematics, or mathematics a branch of physics.

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In 1855/56 he taught his theory about abelian functions, where Dedekind, Bjerkness and Schering were his Auditorium.

Riemann could not be made an extraordinary professor and so he got a stipend of the government.

There were Jacobi, Steiner and Dirichlet, who would have great influence on him.

In spring 1849 he returned to Göttingen, where the situation had changed due to the return of W. He took courses in physics, philosophy and education. The following two years he worked on his Habilitationsschrift about Fourier series.

When his brother died in 1857 he took care of his three sisters.

On 3rd June 1862 he married Elise Koch of Körchov, and they had a daughter.[Werke, p.517, translated in Spivak, p.4A-3] At this time Riemann worked as an assistant to H.Weber and held his first course as Privatdozent in partial differential equations with applications to physics.We publish here Lyndon La Rouche’s introduction, “Riemann Refutes Euler,” by permission of The special relevance of these pieces, pertains to the fact, that there can be no competent appraisal of Riemann’s work, which does not treat his writings as, like those of Karl Weierstrass, a devastating refutation of Leonhard Euler’s savage attacks on Gottfried Leibniz.The relevant substantive issue behind these attacks on Leibniz by the Eighteenth-Century newtonians, Dr.At Easter in 1840 he moved to Hannover, where he stayed with his grandmother to visit the Lyceum.When his grandmother died two years later, he went to the Johanneum in Lueneburg.To that end, consider, first, the place which mathematical discontinuities occupy in Riemann’s discovery, and then, the significance of Riemann’s emphasis on what he terms The origin of modern mathematics lies in what is commonly identified as a “Euclidean” notion of simple space-time.This idea of space-time pretends to represent the real universe, which it does not represent.(A habilitation is halfway between a 2nd Ph D and a tenure case; when Riemann was studying at Göttingen, it required both a second dissertation and a lecture, which could be on different topics.) Specifically, Riemann proposed two lectures on electricity and one on the foundations of geometry, and Gauss chose geometry.Riemann’s lecture was a truly groundbreaking piece of mathematics, laying the foundations of differential geometry, and in particular, describing how beings on a surface could measure its intrinsic curvature by observing deviations from the Pythagorean Theorem. Good.) I assume Gauss chose that lecture because he saw a hint of the profound insights it contained.


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