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If u fulfil my both wishes I will whole life pray only you. Baba pl help me to get my husband and his love back to me and he starts talking to me and help us that no problems come in our relationship again and we live happily and in love like we used to live earlier with each other please also help that whosoever is trying to create problems for me is removed completely.

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I know that you are aware of our situation and problems. They called me girl with mental problem and reprimanded me in public for writing my prayers 108 times.

I have offcourse not reacted negatively and have only prayed for their blessings.

I love him and want to marry him plz fulfil my wish so that we marry soon.2. I have got so much pressure on me Baba that I don't think I can cope Since my sister got married it's been tough on all of us but then I did have a job, but now I don't.

My sister would marry to very good person plz uski life mae ak achcha saa inssaan bhaj do, i am wholeheartedly requested you. i want to have a kid .please bless me with the child. Just the other day Friday 22nd May 2009 I went for a interview at Abbey National, I took vee bhoti with me and still nothing worked.

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This will help us as well as needy people who are interested in Free Astrology and Horoscope services. Always rely on My Grace & Blessings being showered on you & not what you are missing. Baba: Always look at how far you have come rather than how far you have to go. Life is not a process of discovery but a process of creation. It is completely different from other and you will get the answer to the point. It is not general Sai's book of answers which you find in other websites.or baba mere is bar gsi ke interview me itne acche marks dilwana ki mere gsi written exam or mere gsi interview ke exam ke number milke mera gsi me nokri lag jae jai sai ram arvind malviya This is from Samita from Bombay. babu as u know i am very sensitive.i et upset for small small things. My dismay that he is helping me and my family of 4 at the age of 65, financially. DINESH PAULBaba, This is my first letter to you and I do not know whether to post you or keep it with me after writing it.I wish to marry a person whom I love from the bottom of my heart..there are things to be sorted out.only thing it is taking time for things to actually happen.. Arpu Regards, Arpana Gupta Baba thnx main theek ho gya ho bus mujhy thohda sa dard hota hai left side apko to pta hai bus woh bhi theek kar i know tum sab theek kar do baba ek or baat mujye apna kaam sikha do please bhi kaam kar liable bana do main apni jimdari khud uthau.thanks my sai ram dheerajpehar I have been going throught a bad depression since last feb2009. I dont have to know what I want ,u already know what I need. I also do not know how to write and how to address however as you must be aware that I am in so much of pain now days problems are coming from all the side.Sai please mere viniti sun lijiye mujse jo koi bhi bhool hue hai please use maaf ker dijiye. I do not know whether I am your follower or not but Smita has all the faith in you and for her sake please free her from all the allergies and problems she is having.Mere bhai ki kismat mai agar nahin bhi hai to bhi sai aap to kismat likhne wale ho aap chaaho to sab kush ho sakta hai sai please help me. Also do something so that Kavya again start taking milk and please make him free from all the diseases and problem happening to him every day. Sai Baba, Greetings to you for South Africa- I am sending you this email regarding my son who is out of a job.e mail us to :- Dear Visitors, This site is provided for your convenience in sharing your experiences with others from across the globe Please send your name, your experiences/ Miracles related to Sai Baba, you would like to share. Please help me to get rid of all the problems that I have been facing. They are offcourse not aware of our religious significance so I dont blame them.e mail us to :- please get me(santhosh) and shilpa out of the pain what we are undergoing, please make us get married because we love each other a lot, please make her parents agree for our marriage, we are having hopes now only in you. But please free me from their curse, bless me with the N job in B, F and unite me with Thierry in holy matrimony. Sai Baba I am writing this email to you because I am in need of your help!


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