Sales Forecast Business Plan

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It is easier for established companies to predict future sales based on years of past business data.

It is easier for established companies to predict future sales based on years of past business data.

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When the product has sold enough, made enough profit, established a strong toehold in a new market, and effectively thwarted a particular competitor. the product-market positioning underestimates the importance of capability building in the strategy development process. plan: a guide to reaching the consumer market_, 5th edition. dealing with complex and increasingly turbulent business environments, a number of concerns ( ... They are especially helpful in giving new product ideas. Market analysis, here you will find among others important information about STEP analysis and expectations and opportunities.

Chapter 2 New product development process ends at the evaluation process- True Best ideation comes from identifying problems for business and consumers – True Comprehensive business analysis emphasizes profitability- True Benchmarking as guidelines – True Every new product starts out as a concept The development phase is concerned with all of the above Important consideration with product development must be the consumer 1) Why must the marketing department’s new product efforts be supported by the firm’s corporate strategy? Chapter 5 Non users are rarely in the product analysis phase- False Focus groups is popular quantitative research techniques – False Wild cards are low probability, high impact events- True Most productive method of gathering a list of consumer problems- talk to consumer Creativity stimulating techniques are all of above 1) Discuss advantages and disadvantages of focus groups? – good for finding problems and the focus group works well by stimulating people to speak out about things they are reluctant on when in one-on-one interviews- Costs can be deceptive (1800 an hour per person) so the info better be good.

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Chapter 1 Intuition has no place in the scientific process of new product- False Major obstacle of innovation is fear of change and certainty it brings- True Strategy and the identification is the first stage- True Basic task of a business is consumer satisfaction / profit Newness of a product is determined by consumer Product includes: All of the above Short Answer: 1) What is a new product and who decides if a product is new? Good or service that is perceived b the target market as different and better than others- the consumer decides if the product is new. Chapter 4 Common thread in providing a unique safe environment where criticism is not allowed- New product only comes into being when it’s successful- True Technology is always a starting point for new product- False An inventor tends to be all of the above New product is born when successful in the market place Marketing perspective, new product development efforts should be begin- benefit Useful development in user orientated ideation involves identifying lead users 1) Who are lead users and why are they important? Out in front, trendsetters- at the leading edge of the trend, have the best understanding of the problems faced, and expect to gain significantly from solutions to those problems.

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