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Your management decisions will decide whether your restaurant survives or thrives in the face of ever-increasing competition.The most important benefit of a business plan is that it sets the stage for the future of your restaurant plan itsposition in the marketplace.

This is the only complete, industry-specific business plan software available for full service, limited service, fast food, bakeries, caterers, night clubs, themed expansions and franchises.

Click an Add to Cart button (above, left or right). Call: 805-375-7000 Quick Plan Restaurant is the fast and easy way to save yourself hundreds of hours writing, organizing and researching your restaurant business plan.

A business plan can help you organize your thoughts and make sure you are ready to open. A simple online search of “business plans restaurants” will return sample business plans for restaurants, bars, cafes and coffee shops.

Make sure to view some plans in your specialty area, but also look at plans for other types of businesses.

For example, if you want to open a microbrewery in an area where there are not already bars, you will need a solid business plan to prove your concept is not a detriment to the community. The operations and management plan section will require you to think about some of your key staff members before you even open your doors.

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Even if none of these are necessary for you, creating a business plan for your restaurant is still a great idea. You may wish to hire someone to write your business plan for you or use free online tools, but you will still need to be able to provide all of the information.

Research Already Included: Quick Plan includes the Foodservice Industry Analysis which was written from numerous current sources including the National Restaurant Associations' Food Industry Analysis, which covers both full-service and fast food restaurants.

How Quick Plan Works: With Quick Plan, all you have to do instead is sit down in front of your computer and edit and fill in the details of an already written and organized sample restaurant business plan and outline.

This will help you think about your potential customers in a new way.

Keep in mind that if you use your business plan to secure funding or other business benefits, it must be 100% accurate to the best of your knowledge.


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