Sample Of Conceptual Framework In Research Paper

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Writing a conceptual framework can not only help to guide your thesis to ensure that your research stays on track, but it also helps to guide fellow researchers or advisers who are analyzing your thesis.Before you can start your own research, you need to understand what research has already been conducted on your topic of interest.

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Isaiah Berlin used the metaphor of a "fox" and a "hedgehog" to make conceptual distinctions in how important philosophers and authors view the world.

Berlin describes hedgehogs as those who use a single idea or organizing principle to view the world (such as Dante Alighieri, Blaise Pascal, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Plato, Henrik Ibsen and Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel).

Conducting the literature review can help you to refine your central argument or hypothesis.

You must also conduct the literature review to be able to place your work within the larger field of study in your conceptual framework.

You can present this in whatever way makes the most sense for your work, which can include a flow chart, mind map or diagram.

For each component of your research, you should show the variables that influence it.

Boundaries form and within these boundaries, tensions regarding laws and chaos (or freedom) are mitigated.

These frameworks often function like cells, with sub-frameworks, stasis, evolution and revolution.

It is used to make conceptual distinctions and organize ideas.

Strong conceptual frameworks capture something real and do this in a way that is easy to remember and apply.


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