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You thought I hadn't noticed what happened right at the end of episode 1, didn't you?I mean, that the soldier - the main soldier that is, amongst the mass of resentful deceased humanity - did make an appearance on the platform, to us while Sapphire was aware of something happening.Personally I feel the point being made here is that the leak means that events of different time frames are re-enacting themselves all at once, & that is itself the problem. I've claimed to understand Sapphire & Steel (& soon after The Prisoner, too). Incidentally I love the names given to the tropes used in Sapphire & Steel on the TV Tropes webpage ( And Steel).

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I want to say that seventies television was different from the even shorter attention spans we have now.

I want to say that the pacing is essential to the nature of the drama.

If this isn't stonking good television, I don't know what is!

Sapphire & Steel is a British television science-fiction fantasy series starring David Mc Callum as Steel and Joanna Lumley as Sapphire. Hammond also wrote all the stories except for the fifth assignment, which was co-written by Don Houghton and Anthony Read.

Medium atomic weights are available: Gold, Lead, Copper, Jet, Diamond, Radium, Sapphire, Silver and Steel. Each "Assignment" is completed over severalepisodes where Sapphire and Steel research irregularities using their special powers to resolve time space anomalies.

In each Assignment the pair is joined by technicians who also work to assist in the investigation.

I want to say that the slowness of this assignment reflects the painstaking nature of a ghost investigation, & the way in which the restless resentful dead cannot be rushed.

I even want to say that the pacing would seem different when watched on a one-episode-per-week (or day) basis, without pausing or seeing it again, as it would have been watched originally.

The entire effect of this episode is to make the viewer want to know what's going on, prompted by the hints that the soldier wants 'us' (the viewer is cleverly included here, it doesn't give the impression at all that he only wants to talk to Sapphire & Steel) to know something, which in turn makes us want to know what it is.

Towards the end of the episode the differing clues given about times, & the changing hints given about places, increase the viewer's curiosity.


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