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It is very important to ensure that the reader is able to easily to distinguish the “they say” from the “I say.” To avoid confusion the writer must use “voice markers” to make it easy for the reader to distinguish the different perspectives in the essay.Without using these voice markers the information presented in the essay may be confusing to who is saying what.

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CHAPTER 3 Chapter threes main focus is “The art of quoting.” Quoting exact words from other people is the best way to launch an effective argument because it gives credibility to your summary.

When using quotations it is important to build a frame around them with your own words to keep them from “dangling” without an explanation.

CHAPTER 6 Most writers don’t like having somebody criticize our work, but it can actually work in our advantage.

Using criticism from others as they read your writings will actually increase your writing skills and give your writings more credibility, it also helps others engage in the dialogue or debate.

CHAPTER 2 In chapter two of the book the main focus is how to write a good summary.

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When you use information from another person you should summarize the information to what interests you the most.You can also summarize satirically; which is when you put your own spin on someone else’s writing to place a balance on what they say, and what you say.When starting a summary, use verbs that have action; as a writer you should stay away from using phrases such as “she says.” Use phrases such as “she encourages,” to keep from putting the audience to sleep.Implanting a naysayer in your work will help you think about what others will say against your claims.You should implant a naysayer to show the readers that your view is not the only one that matters; however, if you don’t implant a naysayer then you may find that you have very little to say.When you disagree you must say why you disagree with persuasive reasons of your particular view.There are different types of disagreeing; you can disagree by using the “duh” comment or even the “twist it” move, but you must give credible evidence to support why you disagree.The combination of the two can be used when you are unsure of what side you are taking.CHAPTER 5 Chapter five expresses the importance of how to use dialogue properly.PART 2- I Say CHAPTER 4 Chapter four introduces the “I Say” stage to where you offer your own argument as to what they have said.The three most common ways of using “I Say” are agreement, disagreement, and a combination of the two.


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