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You must use the provided passage as the basis for a well-written argument.The SAT essay section is optional, but you have the potential to earn 8 extra points.Whether you're looking for a math tutor, or any other type of academic tutoring, Study Point can help.

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You may be used to solving questions by working until you find a single answer.

With multiple choice questions, however, the correct answer is already right in front of you. This type of testing is different and requires practice to master, but you must look for the wrong answers first in order to find the right one.

In order to find out what an “A” would be on the SAT, the raw scores need to be converted to scaled scores.

This will let you determine percentile ranks that indicate how much better or worse you performed on the test compared to others.

The graders will be judging your reading, analysis, and writing.

With the SAT being based on a 1600 point scale, it can be hard to compare how well you do with other students.

In school, students are used to working and working until they find the correct answer or until they get frustrated and give up.

On the SAT, there is another option: get rid of all the incorrect choices you can until you have just a few (or maybe even one) choice(s) remaining.

For example, if you scored in the 85th percentile, you did better than 85% of the test takers.

Updated: December 31, 2018 The SAT, or Scholastic Assessment Test, is one of two tests that are almost universally accepted and often required for admission to colleges and universities around the world. There are a few test-optional schools or test-blind schools, but these are the exception, not the rule.


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