Satan As A Hero Essay

While Heracles of Greek mythology was half god and half man, Satan was created as a divine entity lesser than God, but still possessing many human characteristics.Despite sharing many characteristics with epic heroes, Satan may still be best treated as tragic hero or a more strict antagonist to Adam and God.Satan does realize that he has done wrong in the universe and realizes he has been punished for it.

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The audience must feel pity and fear for this character After Satan's success in causing the fall of humanity, God punishes him and all other fallen Angels by turning them into serpents.

This is the ultimate culmination of the events for Satan after the story set in motion in Book 1.

God tells them that he allowed it himself without condoning it, and acquits his angels of any guilt.

In essence, God knew what Satan was going to do, had the ability to stop him, chose not to, but punished Satan and humanity anyway.

He also, in some ways, believes himself to be doing what is best for his people.

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He is not considered good by God, only to those who support him, so it is possible that he is only an epic hero to those for whose interests he is acting.

This addresses the tragic flaw of Satan's hubris very succinctly.

When presenting this remark he still felt strongly that God could be defeated, or that at least some victory could be achieved.

First, his downfall does not simply result in an eventual death (As in Beowulf or Gilgamesh), but instead in a more lasting and symbolic punishment.

Second, it can be argued that his motivations are simply too out of line with what is considered "good." In this case, however, it should be noted that both Beowulf and Gilgamesh felt very comfortable with ruling with the latter in particular feeling it was his right as the most powerful.


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