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I was not the only one in the audience with tears streaming down my cheeks.

Indeed, the heartwarming video of undergraduates opening and reading encouraging letters from their proud parents as they prepared to graduate was deeply moving.

Contest winners receive a monetary prize and the first-prize winner has the opportunity to present his or her paper at Seton Hall University's annual Women and Gender Studies Conference. If you have questions about the contest, please contact Dr.

Applying for college scholarships can be an extensive process.

But this was not the reason for my tears at the conclusion of Dr.

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Mildred García’s keynote address at the Council of Graduate Schools annual meeting. García, I had finally found a role model who was, in many respects, just like me.

Disclosures can also signal to students that the professor is a communally-oriented role model who is interested in them as whole persons.

But with respect to students who have shared my experiences, I’ve also personally felt the power of meeting someone “like them,” someone “like me.” I cannot fully describe how powerful it is when students come up to me after class with excitement in their voices, having learned that there is someone like them doing work they want to do.

You may need to provide very detailed information about your education, work experience, extracurricular activities and volunteer work.

All of these provide details about your experience, but they don’t necessarily tell the scholarship committee a lot about you as a person.


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