Schooling Vs Education Essay

Also a school based education usually allows both parents to bring in an income, if that is desired.

The socialisation issue: while there is fierce debate about the level that social interaction is a problem within home schooling, in a mainstream school opportunities to meet other children and adults form a part of everyday life and are therefore less fraught.

They are formal and informal ways of gaining knowledge while schooling stands for the initial and secondary stage of formal education system that take place in school.

Education as mentioned above can take place not only through informal ways such as learning from peers, life experiences, by reading or learning things through online sources but also through formal means.

Child-centred learning - you can learn with your child at his/her own pace, without any competitive aspect.

Since socialisation will have to be more organised and/or structured, a home schooled child will meet people who share their interests and hobbies rather than merely their age, and get involved with a range of extra-curricular activities.

Even though schooling is frequently misidentified as education, there is much difference between education and schooling.

The term education encompasses basically two meanings.

Many parents waver about home schooling because of concerns about their own ability to teach compared to that of a trained school teacher, so this article looks at the academic, social and family factors within a home and school education so parents can decide about their options for a child's education.

School learning leaves parents more time to path out their own tasks and/or career during every day life.


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