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Understanding what you are looking for in a school, and what each program offers, is a great way to narrow down your choices.Here are a few creative writing schools that stand out among the rest: You may not immediately think of MIT as a writing powerhouse or one of the top creative writing schools, thanks to its national prominence in science, math, and engineering.

Attending the Summer Institute is not a prerequisite for involvement, but we have found that teachers who attend this paid summer professional development program are usually are in a better position to start and sustain a writing center.

The University Writing Center works intensively with one or two schools each year.

If interested in learning more about peer-run writing centers, we invite you to attend our annual October Secondary School Writing Centers Conference, which is open to all who are involved in our growing network or who want to learn more about it.

Another opportunity to consider when looking to learn more about peer tutoring and our growing network is participating in the Connecticut Writing Project’s Summer Institute:

If interested in learning more or getting involved, please contact us: [email protected]

Our first community outreach work was initiated, appropriately enough, by an undergraduate tutor who wanted to bring one-on-one tutoring in academic and creative writing to her own former high school, Hartford Public.To learn more about that experience, please see this article in Reflections: in 2007 we shifted our emphasis from having UConn students deliver tutoring to HPHS to working with schools to assist them in founding their own faculty-led but peer-driven writing centers.At that time the Connecticut Writing Project (CWP) became a partner in the project.The UConn weekly visits end when students are ready to tutor on their own, but we invite our partner schools to stay involved with us, and each other, through participation in the Secondary School Writing Centers Conference at Storrs each October.This conference offers an opportunity for sharing strategies, struggles, and successes.Everyone participates actively and shares knowledge at this welcoming and energetic conference. Here’s what our 2016 Conference attendees are saying.Read how Woodstock Academy tutors spent the morning at our 2015 conference.We open registration in late August or early September (and we fill to capacity very quickly).Most schools bring 1 or 2 teachers and a cohort of 6-8 students; some schools send only teachers.As part of our partnership program, we are currently working with Ellington High School to open their writing center.In recent years we have worked with: We extend an invitation to any school that wishes to visit our campus Writing Center.


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