Science Fair Research Paper Format

Center the page and use 12pts font size unless instructed otherwise.

The title of this section is ‘Abstract’ which should be written in capital letters, centered and with no quotations.

Science fair projects bring to mind images of students in white lab coats conducting experiments and recording data in notebooks.

Science fair research papers, however, have become a capstone to any successful science fair project.

And at SSP, we share tips and advice from past participants in the Intel ISEF. That means making sure that the topic you choose not only interests you but also can be researched in the amount of time you have.

Now that you know what to do, choose a topic and then: Project Timing Each of the above steps will take time — more than you may think at first. Once you have identified your testable question, next develop a timeline to manage how you will test it.Instead, a good mentor will help you find information that will inform your decisions on what to do and how to do it.For example, this story from gives examples of the proper roles played by mentors.If you will be taking part in a large science fair, you may have to fill out entry forms and review your research plan with your sponsor. Certain projects will require more time because they need prior approval from a Scientific Review Committee (SRC) or an Institutional Review Board (IRB). And allow plenty of time to experiment and collect data. Sometimes experiments raise more questions than they answer — and require even more experimenting. Finally, you may have to write a paper that pulls together your findings.Or you may need to create a display or poster that presents your data and findings.This article discusses the advantages of working with a mentor.Meanwhile, we feature in this story the rewarding example of a young student who had the courage to contact an outside expert in the topic he was researching. Parents and teachers may offer advice and give assistance, but they must not do any of the actual work on a research project..The section should summarize the paper by introducing the topic, the questions you seek to answer, approach given and conclusion drawn. The body includes such sections as literature review, data presentation, data analysis, and discussion.Cite all the works referred to and provided full details of the citation at the end of your paper.This allows your readers and supervisors to concentrate on your content.It is also easier to trace information cited, follow the flow of ideas and read more about the subject from your reference materials.


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