Scope And Delimitation Of The Study In Research Paper

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For example, you might realize that you should have addressed your survey questions from another viable perspective, or that you were not able to include an important question in the survey.

In these cases, you should acknowledge the deficiency or deficiencies by stating a need for future researchers to revise their specific methods for collecting data that includes these missing elements.

If time constraints negatively impacted your study in any way, acknowledge this impact by mentioning a need for a future study (e.g., a longitudinal study) to answer this research problem.

Researchers might be biased views due to their cultural backgrounds or perspectives of certain phenomena, and this can affect a study’s legitimacy.

Although limitations address the potential weaknesses of a study, writing about them towards the end of your paper actually strengthens your study by identifying any problems before researchers or reviewers find them.

Furthermore, pointing out study limitations shows that you’ve considered the impact of research weakness thoroughly and have an in-depth understanding of your research topic.

Just as students have deadlines to turn in their class papers, academic researchers also must meet the deadline for submitting a research manuscript to a journal.

Therefore, the time available to study a research problem and to measure change over time is constrained by the deadline of your “assignment.” Make sure you choose a research problem that you will be able to complete well before the assignment’s deadline.

Due to this limited access, you might need to redesign or restructure your research in a different way.

In this case, explain the reasons for limited access and be sure that your finding is still reliable and validate despite this limitation.


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