Se Habla Espanol Essay

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There are millions of people who inhabit the Earth; many speak some form of English, a language whose poetry dates as far back as the mid to late six hundreds of the common era.

Over the centuries the written and spoken language has grown through technological developments such as papyrus, the printing press, typewriters, and the internet, as well as cultural occurrences like industrialism, the canonization of literature, colonization and globalization.

If the words were translated the stance would then change.

If the translations are just handed out to the readers then her point would not be proven. Being from Austin and born as the first Mexican American generation my accent is very selective.

Families immigrate to At that time, the teachers still taught bilingual classes, and I was able to understand and be understood.

Most of my classmates spoke Spanish because they were also in the process of learning English; it is typical in a bilingual kindergarten classroom.

The teasing by the students made me feel embarrassed and shy to speak the English language, giving me a fear of being made fun of or looked at differently.

Practicing the English language with my own siblings and playing with the neighborhood kids who already managed the language gave me more confidence to speak English.

Barrientos is now determined to learn her native language.

The author Tanya Maria Barrientos decided to give her article a Spanish title prepared me for the subject by showing me that it will be about Spanish in some way or form. The anecdote at the beginning of the text has the effect of showing the point of view of the conflict that Barrientos has in learning her native language; which caught my attention in wanting to know why she would degrade her own native language. The significance of learning Spanish to Barrientos is that she tried hard for two decades to isolate herself from stereotype but then suddenly a shift in society changed it all.


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