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But it does not mean that there will be rain for 5/6 days in a Rowland can also go to Bangladesh in summer and rainy season. Most of these fruits—perishable in nature with high dietary value-are available during the specific season of production. In summer season and rainy season, the temperature round around 28-35 degree Celsius and there are heavy rain falls in May, June and July.

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The season changes here due to the annual motion of the earth. They forgot the monotony of life and start their daily work newly. Each season has it's won influenes on the people of Bangladesh.

There is a joy in nuture everywhere thus moves the cycle of six season.

During recent years many have immi­grated to cities including the West Bengal in India and India’s capital city of New Delhi. Nearly all of the cultivatable area (about 74 per­cent of its total land) is under crops—rice and to a lesser degree wheat for subsis­tence; jute and tea for cash.

Jute is the mainstay of the economy, producing a substantial part of its export earnings.

Before inde­pendence it was separated from Pakistan’s western region (formerly known as West Pakistan) by some 920 miles (1,554 km) of Indian Territory; its political link to West Pakistan was based largely on religious grounds.

Dissimilar in most other cultural traits (language, food habits, literary tradi­tions and history), the eastern wing of Pakistan had lived its 24 years of existence in relative neglect, and exploitation.Islam is the predominant religion; and Muslims from 88 percent of the population.The Hindu minority is substantial, consisting of nearly 11 percent of the total population and composed primarily of the under­privileged sections, who have, at times, been immigrating to the neighboring In­dia.Bangladesh has a subtropical monsoon weather indicated by wide seasonal different versions in rainfall, moderately warm temperatures, and high humidity. So, it is no surprise that summer in Bangladesh is called season of fruits—especially for mango, jack fruit, litchis and jam (black berry)—the common crowd favorites. Between these fruits; mango, jackfruit, litchi, banana, papaya, pineapple, watermelon, guava, lemon, star fruit, honeydew etc are available during the summer season in Bangladesh.The November 1970 typhoon, which took as many as half a million lives and destroyed 400,000 homes, was among the greatest natural dis­asters of the 20th century.Similar, if not quite as devastating, events are a common and nearly an annual phenomenon. In normal, maximum summer season in Bangladesh temperatures between 32°C and 38°C. Three seasons are generally identified: a hot, humid summer from March to June; a cool, rainy monsoon period from June to October; and a cool, dry winter season from October to March.Ethnically, Bangla­desh is one of the most homogeneous nations: 98 percent of the population con­sists of Bengali speakers.The Bengalis— both Muslims and Hindus—are justly proud of their linguistic culture, for Ben­gali language possesses a far richer and maturer literature than most other Indo- European languages.


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