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This can help you get the ball rolling so you’re ready to conquer to stay on the safer side of the intensely competitive medical school admissions process.Schools often have a range of 2-9 secondary questions for you to answer. This means that you could end up answering over seventy The good news is, there will be some overlap in the kinds of prompts among the schools.The best way to prepare for your secondary essays is to simply start writing about yourself.

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If there’s no deadline, you should be looking to complete them and send them back within two weeks of receiving them.

The two week turnaround time is long enough to be meticulous, but short enough to show eagerness.

Medical schools don’t usually state a deadline for the secondary essays but if they do, absolutely adhere to it, or all your hard work will go to waste.

Second, medical schools view the time you take to turn in your secondaries as a direct reflection of your interest in their program.

Below, I’ve outlined the general timeline of secondaries, how to keep yourself organized in the process, the most common Secondary essay prompts are demanding and ask you questions that allow you to reflect on your experiences, career goals in medicine, and challenges that you have overcome.

Medical schools want to know why you’re interested in their program and how they might be a good fit for you and vice versa.If you sit around and take over a month to send back your secondaries, don’t expect an interview.But if you take time to think about possible In order to keep yourself organized and monitor the secondaries for each school, start a spreadsheet.Generally, if you look at the pattern of the prompts, admissions committees want to know who you are, why you’re motivated to pursue medicine, and how you would fit in at their school.Success with these questions lies in actually taking the time to do research on your school list.The number of applicants who receive secondaries varies from school to school.Most schools automatically send out secondaries upon submission of the primary to all applicants, while others ensure students have passed an initial screening and met the GPA and MCAT cutoffs (typically set at a 3.0 GPA and 500 MCAT score) before sending out secondary essays.It should detail whether you’ve received the prompt, whether you’ve paid the secondary application fee ( or , depending on the school), the method to submit, the essay topic(s), and whether you’ve submitted the essays or not.This way, you can keep track of your progress and what remains to be covered for each school, avoiding additional stress during this high pressure period.Make sure you know exactly what the programs offer - you’ve applied to the school for a reason.What are the things you like the most about it and how will it help your goals?


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