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Both Neil and Guy have lived in a dystopian society for their entire lives and are realizing that they cannot let conformity control them.Tommy was lured by an unscrupulous ‘talent scout’ into abandoning his college studies for the lure of a Hollywood ‘screen test’.His career in the cinema amounted to nothing more than a humiliating scene playing bagpipes:in an unknown movie: even the sound was dubbed in afterwards.Tommy feels cut off not only from his father and from the rest of his family-his sister, his dead mother, his estranged wife and their two sons-but he also feels alienated from himself and from everyone he meets.uses cookies to personalize content, tailor ads and improve the user experience. In Fahrenheit 451, Guy Montag seizes the day when he realizes what kind of dystopian society he is living in.As a fireman, Guy’s job is to burn books; to remove them from society.Guy seeks a teacher to help him understand what the books mean.When Guy is challenged to put his mischievous thoughts out of mind by his fire captain, Beatty, Guy takes his chance and acts against him and runs away from the town to be with a group of people who think for themselves.comes from its tightly constructed plot; from Bellow's ability to control effectively in a concentrated form such enormous themes as victimization, alienation, and human connection; and from his creation of Tommy Wilhelm, one of his most moving protagonists.Bellow's work before deals with themes familiar to readers of Bellow's fiction, such as that of the father-son relationship, yet in this novella the concentrated structure enabled Bellow to render this theme more intensely.


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