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In that last case, it’s helpful to know which is the dominant audience for the film. If you’ve selected one your short film ideas with your target market in mind, this step will be easy.If not, you’ve got to answer the following question: What audience group is most likely to show interest in this film?

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Provide a summary of your long-term goals for the business.

Tell the reader what you believe the company ultimately will be. State concisely what the company does, how it delivers products or services to its customers and who the customers are. Using a minimum of space, describe the company's products or services. Outline their features and benefits, as well as what the company is doing to improve and expand its offerings to its customer base.

But as tempting as the dreams of success and creative freedom may be, we’ve got to remember to take the first steps first. Before we dive into these sections individually, there’s something important we need to understand that will tie them all together.

A few years ago, I wrote a short film and got very excited about casting it. I never really worked through the “film business plan” - the part of development where a producer figures out how and why the film will attract funding, and how and where it will reach its audience. All of the pieces of your short film’s business plan connect in some way to your target market.

Documents of 10 to 15 pages might be appropriate for short business plans.

The executive summary is where you make your initial pitch to prospective funding sources.However, when a company is applying for funding from a less demanding, nontraditional source, the would-be investor or lender might be satisfied with a short business plan that contains only the most essential information.Such nontraditional sources might include suppliers, distributors or other entities that already know the company and its owners.Add images only if they would assist the reader in understanding the wares.Refer to your marketing plan and briefly describe any current research and development activity.Because the short business plan is itself a summary of a complete plan, the executive summary need only stress the most important points in the short plan. Write the executive summary last -- to ensure you include your strongest selling points -- but place it first in the final document.This section, which can be limited to one page, should inform the reader about the origin of your business.Charles Crawford, a former commercial banker, has been a business writer in New York since 1990.He has produced marketing materials for an executive outplacement firm, written the quarterly newsletter of a medical nonprofit organization and created financing proposals/business plans.If you began the company with a management team, name the others and provide their titles.Describe the company's work space -- its office building or manufacturing facility -- the size in square feet and the size of the work force.


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