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Scientists know that the canid footprints are that of a dog rather than a wolf because of the shortened middle to in relation to the pad of its foot.

Using soot left behind from the torch the child was carrying, the footprints were dated to twenty-six thousand years ago.

Cats and dogs have been popular house pets for thousands of years.

Billions of families have shared their home with these animals and develop strong, emotional bonds with them, going so far as to having their beloved pets buried with them upon death.

Though we know that these animals have been precious to humans for thousands of years, recent studies have called into question exactly how long they have been domesticated.

Short Essay Pets How To Solve Population Growth Problems

This sample essay will examine how they became that way, and where their domestication took place.

A cat is allowed to be outside until late hours because owners know that the feline will make its way home, where as a dog at night is usually brought inside, or chained up outside.

Practicality and simplicity help animal owners decide what type of animal they should own.

On the other hand, dogs can be trained to do a variety of things, but sometimes training can be tedious and teaching a dog how to sit can be impractical for everyday life.

Dogs live in a benevolent universe in which every event and every encounter is a otential learning experience.


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