Short Story About Student Life Essays

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Since there are many students that live in the dorms throughout the year, the school cannot possibly afford to make each dormitory into a holiday inn suite.

Some dorms do not even have air conditioning, which makes it hard for a student during the really hot days of the year.

In my early childhood, I viewed life as wonderful and joyful; hate was something never to be found.

However, I received my first reality check on how cruel this world could be when I was only in kindergarten.

By the time I enrolled into high school, I discontinued all sports in seek of gaining new talents.

Many students expect their life, on their own, to be paradise.Before I reached the second grade, I was already involved in ballet, as well as other dance genres, and basketball.Every Christmas I participated in the performance of “The Chocolate Nutcracker” down in Florida. It provides the best facilities and the best route to success. From the professional point of view, college is the best place.My best friend at the time lived right across the street from me which was a dream come true.With the fact that she lived only a few steps away meant that she could come over any time after school and have sleepovers every weekend. In the mist of all my traveling up and down the east coast, I managed to stay active.Living in the dorms is the biggest hardship and challenge for most freshman students in transition from home to college life not to mention the life of living on campus period.The living conditions, roommates' situations, and campus life are most of the difficulties one might face as a freshman in the dorms.Sleepless nights, constant sweating, and dehydration are all serious possibilities to those students.For many freshman, living conditions in the dorms can produce hardships than can be uncomfortable and an inconvenience.


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