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As you can clearly see my Heidi Songs group’s sight word recognition (represented by the blue line) progressed at a much faster pace.

What a difference singing Heidi Songs made for my students!

Five struggling readers were identified from both kindergarten classes by using the results from the sight word pretest that was given during the first week of October.

The experimental group spent just ten minutes each school day singing the Heidi Songs Sing and Spell the Sight Word songs and doing the movements.

We write it out on big chart paper and have it hanging on the easel so kids can practice it at Center Time.

We read it as a class M-Th (3 times) and then on Friday the kids read it by themselves or with a buddy out loud to the class.

None of these were sponsored by Heidi Songs in any way.

Kindergarten Sight Word Acquisition Abstract Angelle N.

Hi, my name is Kathy Hoyt and I have been a kindergarten teacher for the Southeast Polk School District in Runnells, Iowa for the last 22 years.

Last year I began working on earning my Master’s Degree and decided to focus my action research paper on sight word development for my struggling readers.


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